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6 of America’s Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Spring

Spring is beautiful everywhere, but these stunning locales have their seasonal celebrations down to a science.


9 Reasons You Need to Ditch Your TV (Yes, Really)

Sure, watching TV helps you relax, keeps you informed, and gives you a laugh (or cry) when you need it. But what if we told you that the benefits of turning the TV OFF might be better than having it on?


37 Stress Management Tips to Find the Calm in Your Life

Straight from medical professionals, these stress solutions can give you the relaxation you need to refocus.


Here Are 10 Ways You Can Meditate Every Day Without Trying at All

Life moves pretty fast and, at times, can be totally overwhelming. But meditation is the perfect way to slow down and find balance. Here, experts share some easy tips and tricks on how even beginners can get their meditation on.


Sex Helps Boost Brainpower

Love might be good for the heart, but it turns out that sex is good for the brain, especially as we age.


Yoga’s Popularity Spreads Among 50+ and Men

The popularity of yoga continues to grow, not only in the sheer numbers of people doing it, but also among older adults and men, according to a new national survey.


What’s the Secret to a Happy Life? It’s Not What You Think

When you’re in your 20s and just starting out, money and fame may seem the key to a happy life. But as you age, that viewpoint changes considerably.


Good News: You Can Learn A New Language Without Even Thinking About It

Learning may be as simple as getting distracted.


Is It Really That Bad to Share a Toothbrush with Your Partner?

You know your hands are often filthy, but your mouth is also surprisingly teeming with germs, so you may want to think twice before sharing your toothbrush.


Confirmed! Talking to Yourself Is Actually a Good Thing

Talking to yourself doesn’t mean you’re crazy. In fact, science approves of it!


Stressed? Here’s Why You Need to Start a Bullet Journal

This innovative way of journaling will make your hectic life so much more manageable.


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