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The 6 Foods That Could Absolutely Kill Your Sex Drive

Looking to get lucky tonight? Better stay away from these un-sexy eats, which could do a number on your skills in the sack.


The Menopause Symptom No One Talks About

Our self-esteem is tightly woven into our sexuality. We live in a youth-obsessed society, and admitting that our vaginas are changing – even to our closest friends – is like wearing a t-shirt that reads: “Ignore me. I’m over the hill.”


Yoga’s Popularity Spreads Among 50+ and Men

The popularity of yoga continues to grow, not only in the sheer numbers of people doing it, but also among older adults and men, according to a new national survey.


What’s the Secret to a Happy Life? It’s Not What You Think

When you’re in your 20s and just starting out, money and fame may seem the key to a happy life. But as you age, that viewpoint changes considerably.


Can Meditation Really Slow Aging? What the Latest Science Shows

Is there real science in the spiritualism of meditation? Meet a Nobel Prize winner who thinks so.


Confirmed! Talking to Yourself Is Actually a Good Thing

Talking to yourself doesn’t mean you’re crazy. In fact, science approves of it!


Stressed? Here’s Why You Need to Start a Bullet Journal

This innovative way of journaling will make your hectic life so much more manageable.


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