You might feel more bored—at first


If you’re a TV junkie, abandoning your TV—or merely turning it off—is asking the impossible. But hear us out: Giving the screen a rest can make your happier, richer, and slimmer. Just don’t expect anything to happen right off the bat. In fact, it’s normal to take a few steps forward before you take a few steps back. “You may be used to turning on the TV when you get home to entertain yourself, but TV rarely helps us experience the true joy of life,” says Mike Dow, PhD, psychotherapist and author of Healing the Broken Brain. While you may discover some extra time that you have no idea what to do with, gradually you’ll find activities you’ve been meaning to pick up or projects you’ve been meaning to tackle but have been continually putting off. “This reminder might even help you become more organized and get rid of clutter in your home,” says Kelsey Patel, a Beverly Hills-based life coach. “If it’s been awhile since your last closet or garage clean-out, take a few evenings off TV to organize, box up, or drop off the items you no longer use or need, and see how it feels to create more space in your home.” As they say, less is more. Here are the things to finally get rid of next time you clean your closet.

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